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Refurbished Eureka Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder in Matte Black

Eureka Mignon Crono Overview

The Eureka Mignon Crono is a true coffee and espresso grinder, designed to grind for drip coffee as well as rich espresso. The Mignon Crono is equipped with 50mm flat  hardened steel filtro burrs optimized for brew grinding, a timed grinding range of 5 to 60 seconds, and a coffee grounds container for the larger batches called for when making drip coffee.

Features and Performance

The Eureka Mignon Crono’s biggest draw is its versatility. If you have drip coffee and espresso drinkers in your home, the Mignon Crono grinds efficiently for both, thanks to its micrometric grind adjustment and timed grinding dial on the side. The Micrometric Regulation System, patented by Eureka, is a stepless grind adjustment method that offers precision, as well as ease of adjustment. That is to say, it can grind fine enough for bolder drinks like espresso, and it’s easy enough to adjust back down to coarser grinds for drip coffee.

With the grounds container attached and the timed grinding dial set to your preference (between 5 and 60 seconds), you can grind in large batches for drip coffee and other brew methods. Thanks to the ACE system, the electrostatic charge of coffee is eliminated, preventing clumping when dispensing.

For capacity and speed, the Mignon Crono’s hopper holds 300 grams of coffee and grinds at 1.5 grams per second for espresso and 2.1 grams per second for drip-style.

Why You Should Get It

If your home has one or people who enjoy both coffee and espresso, the Eureka Mignon Crono is the right choice for you. It’s small, it’s flexible, and between the 5-60 second timed grinding range, 50mm flat filtro burrs, and attachable grounds container, it can do whatever you need.

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