Refurbished Ceado E6P Electronic Dosing Burr Grinder – V2 Get your dream of

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Refurbished Ceado E6P Electronic Dosing Burr Grinder – V2

Ceado E6P Overview

Striking the perfect balance between performance and price, Ceado’s E6P is a programmable electronic grinder with stepless adjustment and a crystal clear touch screen. Its single and double dosing buttons can be programmed by time within 1/10th of a second, with a manual grinding option available for free dispensing. Designed for espresso grinding, the E6P is equipped with a 300 W motor and a pair of 64mm steel burrs for an average grinding output of 1.7 – 2g/second.

Features and Performance

In a crowded field of electronic grinders, the E6P’s popularity is well-deserved. Sitting between the E5P and the E37J, the E6P combines the modest design and pricing of the E5P with the digital programmability of the E37J. The newest version features a condensed touch screen display for easier programming of the single and double dosing buttons. The touch display, coupled with a striking black paint job gives the E6P a fresh look to accompany its updated features.

Thanks to the touch display, the single and double dose programming is easier than ever. The E6P’s dosing buttons can be programmed by time within 1/10th of a second, with an optional manual dosing feature for free grinding. Internally, the E6P retains the same reliable design that characterizes all of Ceado’s grinders. The 300 W motor and 64mm steel burrs produce perfect, fluffy grinds for espresso, with an adjustable hook for compatibility with all portafilters.

To ensure particle consistency, Ceado’s Steady Lock Burr System maintains a fixed distance between the burrs while grinding, preventing them from falling out of calibration. In commercial settings, the high capacity overload system will automatically cut power to the motor to protect against overheating under strenuous conditions.

Why You Should Get It

This latest version of the E6P continues in Ceado’s tradition of thoughtful, subtle upgrades. Above all else, home espresso grinding is best served by consistency and reliability. The commercial oriented design of the E6P guarantees years of dependable grinding, with welcome modern updates bringing it in line with the higher end E37 series. Anybody looking for a modestly priced but powerful espresso grinder should strongly consider the Ceado E6P.

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