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Profitec Pro 700 Black Matte Edition Espresso Machine

Profitec Pro 700 Matte Black Overview

The Profitec Pro 700 Black Friday Matte Black edition is a special edition version of their classic dual boiler machine with a flow control device and elegant matte black side panels. The flow profiling device and stainless steel mushroom which replaces the traditional mushroom found on the Pro 700 unlocks the ability to modify brew water flow rate during extraction. The remainder of the machine is untouched, featuring the same  pressure gauges, steam and hot water knobs, and other subtle branded accents as the classic machine.

Features and Performance

Inside the machine, you’ll find the internal components to be incredibly well-organized, which is an often underappreciated touch that you don’t see in many other machines. Copper coils and water lines trace from one brass fitting to the next. Even the more delicate electronics are shielded from any humidity, neatly tucked away to one side of the machine.

All of this speaks to Profitec’s standards for quality engineering. As they like to say, “We endeavor to bridge the gap between tried and true professional technology and state-of-the-art engineering.”

Why You Should Get It

With the flow control knob, you can adjust the valve in the E61 group. Meaning, operation is as simple as lifting the lever and watching the automatic shot timer on the PID. The latest upgrade to the PID delivers on best-in-class steam power hissing out at 2 bar. Temperatures are stable to the point of unwavering, opening the door to exquisite shots that we at the office have always enjoyed.

Consider the Profitec Pro 700 with this special edition matte black paneling if you’re an entertainer or a home barista that wants top quality drinks and a machine that will last.

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