Handpresso Pump Pop in Green Cheap

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Handpresso Pump Pop in Green

Owning the Handpresso Pump Pop

Espresso anywhere is back and in bold new colors with the Handpresso Pump Pop! This special edition of the famous portable espresso maker features a fun blue and white color scheme sure to make a statement wherever you brew. Making espresso is as easy as ever! The unique hybrid design allows you to brew with either pre-ground coffee or E.S.E. pods depending on your preference. Simply fill the machine with hot water and use the bicycle-style pump to generate the necessary 16 bar of pressure. The gauge located at the top of the machine will let you know when you’re ready to brew, just push the button and enjoy delicious espresso anywhere! Available in blue, green, and pink, these fun colors are what make this special edition Handpresso really pop!

Whether you prefer ground coffee or E.S.E. pods, the hybrid design of the Handpresso Pump Pop is compatible with both. When brewing with ground coffee, the machine uses small baskets called DomePods that you insert into the group head. To switch to using E.S.E. pods, the machine uses an easy to install adapter that the pods sit on top of. Espresso brewing is handled by the 16 bar, bicycle style pump, located on the far end of the Handpresso. This allows you to immerse yourself in the brewing process by generating your own pressure. A small gauge located near the brew button let’s you know when you’ve built up enough pressure to extract your espresso. Depending on your strength and speed, it may take anywhere between 10 – 30 pumps to achieve optimal brew pressure. The Handpresso Pump Pop was designed to be as easy to maintain as it is to use. A quick rinse with warm water after brewing is all you need to keep the machine in working order. Never use alcohol or detergent of any kind while cleaning and please note that the Handpresso does not require descaling.

Dimensions: 8.6″ L x 3.9″ W x 2.8″ H

Weight: 1.1lb

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