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Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 12oz – Matte Grey

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 12oz Overview

The Carter Everywhere Mug by Fellow was intentionally designed to amplify the taste, smell and touch of your favorite coffee. Carter creates an enhanced experience for coffee lovers to enjoy all of the flavor notes and aromas that their coffee has to offer. Fellow eliminated the traditional design of a to-go tumbler which often featured an interior stainless steel that altered the taste of your coffee and a tiny sip hole that doesn’t allow you to enjoy all of the coffee’s flavors. They replaced these features with an interior ceramic coating with a stainless steel insulation for incredible heat retention and full flavored coffee, and a tapered thin lip so the coffee hits your taste buds with every sip.

An intentional design isn’t the only thing that Fellow is proud to present with the Carter mug—the incredible engineering of the mug makes for a durable product that doesn’t compromise the coffee-drinking experience. Fellow also added features that every coffee drinker would appreciate including a leak-proof seal to keep your coffee inside the mug and off of your favorite shirt, a heat-lock double walled vacuum to retain heat for 12 hours and keep cold drinks at stable temperatures for up to 24 hours, and a brew-and-go compatibility so that you can brew straight into the mug with most popular manual brew coffee makers including standard drippers and the AeroPress.

To make sure that you can really take your coffee any and everywhere, Carter carries 12 oz and 16 oz mugs and come in Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Grey, Warm Pink, and Dusk Blue to compliment your look and needs whether you’re heading into the office or running errands in the afternoon.

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