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Eureka Mignon Instantaneo – Black

Eureka Mignon Instantaneo Overview

The Mignon Instantaneo is a little cutie, but make no mistake, it gets the job done. Stepless adjustment is simple using the easy grip knob, letting you go from coarse to fine brew methods in a few twists.

Features and Performance

We love how versatile Eureka made the Mignon Instantaneo, and how it can easily accommodate any brew method. With this in mind, Eureka incorporated an all purpose portaholder, which easily adjusts to accommodate any size portafilter, or can be removed completely to grind into a larger container for various brew methods aside from espresso.

Grinding can be done manually or automatically, as the Mignon Instantaneo can be programmed to dispense on demand between 1 and 14 seconds. We find the timed grinding function accurate and easy to use. Once you’ve got the Mignon Instantaneo dialed in, you don’t have to worry about losing your setting when you want to do a little sprucing between the burrs.

Eureka specially designed all of their grinders to adjust the grind setting using the bottom burr, which stays locked in place during cleaning. We like our grinders like we like our steak, rare, and the Mignon Instantaneo is a stand out in its class.

Why You Should Get It

It’s equipped with a 250 watt motor that speedily spins its 50mm burrs; and at just 14” tall, the Mignon Instantaneo fits under any cabinet and any kitchen with its polished aluminum or black housing options. Plus, it keeps pace with most prosumers, though we recommend pairing it with a machine that has similar capacities. Though it’s the littlest of the bunch, Eureka designed the Mignon Instantaneo to be a big performer and they’ve created a small wonder. For those in need of a higher capacity, the retro Atom is a clear alternative; or, for even more power, take a look at the Zenith 65 E.

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