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Eureka Atom Pro Coffee Grinder in Matte Black

Eureka Atom Pro Overview

The Atom Pro stands alone as one of Eureka’s most powerful all-purpose grinders on offer thanks to its 75mm burrs, zero-retention Blow Up System, and high speed grind dispersion of up to 8 grams per second. The stepless micrometric grind adjustment knob provides incredible precision, near infinite grind settings, and markings to delineate appropriate settings for different brew methods.

Features and Performance

The Atom Pro has a lot going on, but manages to be one of the more straightforward grinders from Eureka. At its heart are the 75mm burrs made of hardened steel which are driven by a powerful 920 watt motor that spins at 1400 RPM. This raw strength lets the Atom Pro chew through coffee at 7 grams per second when set to espresso and 8 grams per second when set to brew. You could dispense a double shot of espresso in just over 2 seconds!

To support this, Eureka added in a cooling fan that runs during operation, keeping temperature low inside the grinder. This is not only good for freshness, but helps to boost the Atom Pro’s potential for back-to-back duty cycles.

For capacity, the Atom Pro’s hopper holds 300 grams and doubles as a bellows. When single-dosing, pressing down on the lid will compress the air inside the hopper and grinding chamber to push grinds out for zero-retention grinding.

Last, but not least, the portafilter hook is magnetic and can be moved around freely to accommodate different sized portafilters or containers. You can even remove it completely if you like.

Why You Should Get It

If you need power and incredible versatility, you need the Eureka Atom Pro. It dispenses grinds at lightning speed while staying nearly silent, the marked-up micrometric adjustment knob makes it easier than ever to find the sweet spot for your preferred brew method, and the Blow Up System lets you single-dose reliably. With the flexibility offered by the removable magnetic hands-free hooks, you can place different containers under the chute like V60s or even pitchers.

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