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Braun KG 7070 Burr Coffee Grinder

Braun KG 7070 Burr Coffee Grinder Overview

The perfect companion to any Braun coffee maker, the KG 7070 is an attractive and affordable coffee grinder with 15 grind settings that range from French press coarse to moka pot fine. Its stainless steel accenting, timed grinding, overheat protection, and 3-year warranty make it a terrific choice for anybody brewing on a budget.

Features and Performance

Ideal for anybody looking for a simple solution to better coffee, the KG 7070 is a 15 setting flat burr coffee grinder that produces a uniform grind across a range of sizes. The selector knob on the left side of the grinder is labeled for easy selection of your desired grind size, while the knob in the center is used to select your desired grinding time. Time in this case is represented in cups, ranging from 2 to 12, and the KG 7070 comes with a 7.7 oz bean hopper and a removable grinds container.

The circular shape of the hopper allows for easy cleaning, with an internal locking mechanism to secure or release the hopper as needed. All of the plastic components of the grinder that come in contact with the coffee are certified BPA free, and the hopper, hopper lid, and grinds container are dishwasher safe.

As a safety measure to protect the motor and the flavor of your coffee, the KG 7070 is equipped with an overheat protection feature that warns you when the grinding system is getting too hot. Final touches include a cleaning brush for the burrs and cord storage for minimal clutter.

Why You Should Get It

If you love brewed coffee like French press or automatic drip, the KG 7070 delivers on freshly ground beans, but also on style and features.

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