BIT 58.6mm Flat Espresso Tamper – Stainless Steel We have authentic

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BIT 58.6mm Flat Espresso Tamper – Stainless Steel

BIT Espresso Tamper Overview

The BIT Espresso Tamper is a uniquely designed 58.6mm flat espresso tamper with a tapered edge that was designed in conjunction with the distinct shape of the Barista Improving Taste BoB and Renato series filter baskets. With a subtle radius at the base, the tamper fits the BIT baskets like a glove, ensuring a perfectly even tamp that fits the contours of the basket.

When used together, the slight convexity accentuates the baskets’ intended design and helps to reduce “ channeling and over extraction of the puck. The handle was designed to fit comfortably in the hand and provide suitable leverage while tamping.

It should be stressed that the BIT Tamper and filter baskets should be viewed as a matched set, and this tamper will perform best when tamping in curved filter baskets.

58.6mm Flat Base with Tapered Edges

Made in Italy

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