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Bezzera New Hobby Espresso Machine in Black

Bezzera New Hobby Overview

The Bezzera New Hobby is a semi-automatic espresso and coffee machine with impressive performance for its range, equipped with a 3-way solenoid valve, a commercial-grade group head, commercial standard 58 mm portafilter, and an 8.4 fluid oz eco brass boiler that’s bursting with steam power.

Features and Performance

The New Hobby features a lot of the industry essentials, which is great for such a small machine. The 58mm portafilter, commercial grade group, and commercial style steam wand offer quality tools in crafting your own coffee drinks at home. Plus, the 3-way solenoid valve will keep your used coffee pucks dry for easy discarding (a feature you don’t typically find in machines of this size).

We have a lot of latte drinkers here at the office, so when we started preparing drinks it was quickly decided that the Hobby’s steaming capability is its most impressive feature. To see steam explode from such a small machine is something you really need to see. For more control, we worked with Bezzera to have this version of the Hobby include a commercial steam wand. Also deserving special mention is the dedicated button for the pump for manually refilling the boiler after extended steaming.

Why You Should Get It

The compact and sleek design of the New Hobby is approximately 9.8 inches long, 8.6 inches wide and 13.7 inches tall, packing an excellent ability to brew specialty drinks into a small space. With its minimalist-friendly aesthetic, we can envision it working well in any kitchen, dorm room, office space or anywhere that easily stores this compact semi-automatic espresso machine. The steam power it packs is nothing short of incredible, so if you enjoy milk coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll have a blast preparing drinks.

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